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Press Resources

We're excited to bring Bullseye to the nation in exciting new ways! If you'd like to write about either our mobile app launch or commercial augmented reality darts launch then we have some resources for you. ​ Simply click one of the orange buttons below to download the relevant resource. We'll see you at the oche!

App - Press Release

We have launched our Bullseye app to play through the super, smashing, great rounds of Bullseye at home with your own dartboard! Learn more about the launch here with our Press Release PDF

Gravity Launch - Press Release

Download our latest press release. Following our launch at Gravity in London, we are exciting to announce Bullseye is coming to the nation on AR Darts and with a home phone game.

Phone Gameplay Imagery

Want to showcase some of our app game screens and content? We have a full media pack put together so you can make your article look super, smashing, great!

PDC Darts Competition

We trialed our Bullseye game at the Kazoo PDC Darts Championships. Guests could donate to the charity Mind to enter into a competition to win a full home darts set up courtesy of Home Leisure Direct.

Gravity Launch

We launched our Bullseye app and commercial AR darts solution at Gravity in London in January 2023. We have gathered some imagery from the day to make your articles look super, smashing and great!

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