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Augmented Reality Meets Darts


Augmented Reality (AR) darts systems are taking the UK by storm, and taking darts to a whole new interactive level. Home Leisure Direct’s official Bullseye Augmented Reality darts game means that players can immerse themselves in the nation’s favourite Sunday night quiz show. The game features true-to-life darts and trivia rounds, rotating star prizes for Bully’s prize board, and full commentary and scoring by Richard Ashdown from Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow: The Bullseye Edition.

How Does It Work?


The commercial set-up consists of a projector and a specially-crafted white Smartboard dartboard embedded in a white density foam panel. Home Leisure Direct’s system can beam gaming graphics directly onto the board and screen to give a super large experience. With the latest dartboard technology, the Smartboard can instantly detect when and where a dart hits the board and the graphics are able to react in real-time. These high-quality graphics can change the targets the players aim for, let them know their running scores and what they need to score next. Instant reaction and large graphics display.

The commercial system also comes with a separate touchscreen user interface which allows players to create teams, add player photos and control the gaming experience. And of course, no set up would be complete without a set of speakers to play Bully’s ‘mooo’ and other interactive sounds to create an exciting, competitive atmosphere.


An array of games including the NEW! Bullseye and Disco Wall are exclusive to the system. As the system develops further, more and more games will be made available – which will keep people coming back for the next big thing. It’s worth noting that Augmented Reality Darts is currently only available for commercial premises.

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