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The Bullseye Game App allows you to play the entire game show from the comfort of your own home with your family and friends. You don’t need a fancy projector set up, just a regular dartboard and the app, and you’re away!

Download to your phone or tablet today from the App Store and Google Play:

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Choose your trivia category to see which part of the dartboard you need to hit. Hit closer to the Bullseye for more points, and on target to earn your team a question.

Get your question right and you've earned more points for your team - but get it wrong, and beware rogue Bullys about looking to steal your points...



Use three darts to get the highest score on the dartboard to win your team a question. Get the question right and you convert your darts score into some points! Get it wrong, and there's even more chances for another team to steal your points...



It's Bully's prize board! Stay out of the black and into the red, you get nothing in this game for two in a bed. As the round begins you'll get to see all 9 prizes available to win on Bully's prize board - with the classic "iiiiiin 1" sounds to carry you through. Hit numbers 1 through 8 to take home some amazing prize scores. Hit the Bullseye for Bully's special prize.



After seeing how well you did against Bully's prize board, you'll need to decide if you want to risk it all for the game's star prize. It could be a mini metro, a jetski, a family holiday or even a speedboat! Be quick, you've only got until the board rotates to make your decision.



A simple game of darts to end the round. Score 101 or more with 6 darts to win the epic Bully's star prize!

If you score lower than 101... you'll lose all of your points from the last round!

Upgrade to a Smart Dartboard


For those who want to really immerse themselves even at home, the app is also designed to work with a Unicorn Smartboard.


Using the included magnetiser, you can turn any regular dart into a ‘smart’ dart, capable of being tracked as it enters the Unicorn Smartboard’s bristles. The dartboard then registers the score with the app in real time using Bluetooth, meaning you can hear Bully’s “moooo” and Ashdown’s scoring commentary straight away!


These retail for just £184.99 from Home Leisure Direct, including free delivery. 

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